Monday, October 31, 2011

Houston- Electrical Exam Prep

Pass the TDLR electrician exam the first time. Our powerful weekend seminar will teach you a system that will help you understand the way the PSI expects to see an answer. It’s like having your personal exam cheat sheet. We sell highlighted and tabbed 2011 NEC Codebooks for your convenience and other reference material to help you study for the exam that no one else has! Our seminars are on the weekends with an intimate setting to focus on you as an individual.

Our instruction for the exam is more of a 'system' than anything else. You WILL pass your exam. We will walk you through, step by step and help you understand not only the types of questions, but even the way that the PSI expects to see an answer.
If you want to feel confident on test questions, calculations, cheat sheets, or formulas: this is the place to go. So easy it's almost cheating. See you there!

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Journeyman Electrician Prep Seminar $249
Master Electrician Prep Seminar $299
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Ask us about our Tabbed and Highlighted 2008 & 2011 National Electrical Code book, Study at Home Kits, Index Cheats, MI Stickers, Pass Tabs, Crash Course Books, and 4 hours One on One Tutoring session with our Master Electrician and Instructor Mitchell Tolbert.

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  1. Our instruction for the exam is more of a 'system' than anything else. You WILL pass your exam. We will walk you through, step by step and help you understand not only the types of questions, but even the way that the PSI expects to see an answer. contractors

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  4. My friend was a residential electrician in Niwot, CO. He had to do these types of exams every once in a while as well. It never bothered him that he had to do this.

  5. Very great job on this article! The youtube video really helped me better understand the electricians in Houston processes of how they do their work. Any other sources you'd recommend checking out?

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  8. Awesome guide. I'm preparing to take the exam and have been a bit worried. This makes me feel like it'll be easier than I previously expected.

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  10. We are having an electrician come and look at our lighting. The lights have been flickering on and off. I think the wiring is faulty or, it could be the plug.

  11. Is this electrician test prep guide the standard nation wide? Don't live in Texas, so it would be good to know if the test in my state is specific for becoming a licensed electrician in my state. That seems like it would be important to know so that I can prepare for the right exam.

  12. It's good to know that they have to pass exams and attend classes to become an electrician. I have a lot of respect for the people that are taking that career path. It seems very difficult.

  13. Like any test, it's good to prepare thoroughly, and it's good to know that our electricians are all having to prepare thoroughly for their test. You wouldn't want to hire someone who wasn't fully prepared to work with and understand your electrical problems. The electrics in your home are important to every day functions, and so having them at their highest performance is essential.

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  19. There is an answer in the 2017 study guide that's wrong. The J.E. exam prepguide exam 5 , question 11. The correct code book answer is 25ft. The guide has 50ft for their answer.

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