Friday, September 17, 2010

ICC Exam Part II


     The ICC does NOT score the same as any other exam. There is no one "unit" value for each question. In other words, in a 100 question test, each question has its own different value. Some are worth MORE and some are worth LESS than one point. For example, you may see an easy code question that is worth only 1/2 a point, yet a motor calculation question may carry a value of 1 & 3/4 points. No one outside of the ICC organization knows exactly what each question type is worth. We have seen evidence, however, that proves the "weighted score" method.

     Because of this type of scoring system, it becomes important to attempt to answer EVERY question. If you run out of time and leave 15 questions (as a random example) unanswered, you may actually be losing as much as possibly 20 points off your score.

     Experience shows us that most electricians initially answer code questions as a hunch or from experience. Many then continue to verify their answers by referencing their code book. Often times they'll then try to "talk themselves out" of their initial answer. Unfortunately for them, 90% of the time, their initial answers were the CORRECT ones!


     These two reasons, the scoring system and "gut reaction" answers; led us to create the following strategy that has been one of our greatest triumphs in our teaching method which sees a 95% first time passing rate success!

Your test strategy:
Upon first sitting and beginning your exam; leave your code book CLOSED!!! Do NOT touch it. Begin with question #1 and go through EVERY SINGLE question without STOPPING! Use the following "answering methodology:"

There are three ways to answer a question and 5 steps to complete on an ICC Electrical Test:

1) Answers that you KNOW for a fact are correct simply get answered and you then move on to the next question.
2) Answer the questions that you THINK you know (the so called "gut creations," but mark the (flagged) for later review.
3) Questions that stump you or that you have NO IDEA how to answer get left BLANK and flagged for later review.
4) AFTER completing your initial answering/review session, go back and begin answering ONLY THE QUESTIONS that you skipped and that have NO answer at all. You will find that your biggest block of time will then be spent on these questions.
5) After those have been answered, go back and begin reviewing & code verifying your "gut reaction" question block.

     This method will allow for three things. First it will assure that you've read and answered EVERY question. Next, it helps you devote your time to only those questions that need it the most. Finally, you'll be surprised at how many questions that you'll inadvertently "stumble" across the answers to, during your steps 4 and 5. At the very least, you'll be armed with the complete knowledge of ALL the questions contained on your electrical exam version.


(Part III coming up)

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