Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We love great reviews!

Who doesn’t love a great review?  Well we love them and we want to boast about the latest one from Luis Olivares.  Copied and pasted directly from his e-mail he wrote:

Hello Mitchell,
My name is Luis Olivares, you had spoken with my wife a few times via email regarding my Journeyman's examination. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the study materials you sent for me. It was extremely helpful, and I believe it helped me pass my exam. I only wish I had known about your company sooner, I would have taken your classes I wanted a class like what you offer but had a difficult time finding one. It wasn't until I was looking to purchase a code book that my wife found your company. Please know that I will pass your information on to my co-workers who are trying to get their license, as well as the company I work for. I will also plan on using your services when I prepare to take my Masters exam.
Again, thank you for your help,
Luis Olivares

Thanks Luis for making our day Open-mouthed smile


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